The Vision

Since the dawn of human civilization, human civilization has faced the plagues of mass centralization of power and unequal distribution of wealth.

In the past few years, the rise of distributed ledgers and blockchain technologies has provided a solution to the growing problem of centralization. Despite the animosity of corporations and governments, blockchain technology is seeing greater adoption.

While blockchain technology has uprooted centralization, it has only exacerbated wealth inequality. Early adopters and wealthy investors have become “whales” in the cryptocurrency space. These whales hold substantial amounts of cryptocurrency, creating the possibility of huge market manipulation and wealth inequality.

The top 4% of Bitcoin wallets hold over 96% of all Bitcoin.

The Locke Project strives to create a free, equitable, democratic blockchain platform for all to enjoy the benefits of the revolutionary technology.


Locke does not prioritize or discriminate based on wealth.


Locke is a self-sufficient, autonomous ecosystem.


Locke is based on community collaboration, participation, and consensus.

The Platform

The Locke platform is a decentralized autonomous platform for project creation based on the fundamental principles of equity, autonomy, and freedom. The platform will be entirely community-driven; users will propose, vote upon, fund, and develop cutting-edge projects.

To propose a Locke project, all you need is an idea and the drive to pursue it. As a project creator, you can propose a project; receive feedback on your project proposal; reach out to qualified leaders, developers, and creatives; and receive both support and funding from the Locke community

As a contributor, you will have the opportunity to be a part of innovative projects by voting, funding, and even directly contributing to the development of Locke projects.

The Locke platform is an environment in which project innovation is led by a system of mutual benefit to all rather than the system of exclusion that most projects are founded upon today.

Ideas for projects and assets are envisioned, directed, and created entirely by the Locke community.

Ideas are voted upon, funded through, and developed using the Locke platform.

Locke projects are realized and launched with the support of the Locke community.


Token Distribution

90% of Locke tokens will be distributed through our innovative new distribution method in which each participant contributes .005 ETH as a processing fee and is then rewarded with 250,000 Locke tokens. This distribution system ensures equity and fairness by providing each participant with an equal number of tokens regardless of wealth.


7% of Locke tokens will be rewards for developers who complete bounties set out by The Locke Group to develop resources for the project.


2% of Locke tokens will be allocated to the core Locke development team in order to ensure both the effective creation of the platform as well as to incentivize the further innovation of the token and its capabilities.


1% of Locke Tokens will be allocated across media partners for distribution of information. Transparency is among the most important aspects of the Locke Project and these media partners will ensure that all messages and updates from the Locke Project are spread in an efficient manner.

Claim Tokens

How does the Locke distribution system work?

Each participant must pay a 0.005 ETH fee, which acts as both a processing fee and a double claim deterrent, and is then rewarded with 250,000 Locke tokens. This distribution system ensures equity and fairness by providing each participant with an equal amount of tokens regardless of previous wealth.

Double Claiming

An individual cannot participate twice in the token claiming procedure. Multiple deterrents, including, but not limited to, the 0.005 ETH fee and the collection of verifying information, are in place to ensure that each individual may only claim their Locke tokens once.

If a participant tries to fraud the system and claim their tokens twice, their tokens will not be delivered and their ETH fee will not be refunded.

Verifying information

As one of the measures in place to prevent double claiming, users must submit two items of verifying information: an email address, and a phone number. These may be used for verification, so do not use a 'throwaway' email or a fake phone number or your tokens may not be delivered. This information will never be used outside of the claiming procedure, and will never be shared with third parties for any reason other than user verification. Users must also submit a date of birth to verify their age as legal adults.