The Vision

Since the creation of conceptual wealth, society has faced the plagues of mass centralization of power and unequal distribution of wealth.

In the past few years, the rise of distributed ledgers and blockchain technologies has provided a solution to the growing problem of centralization, but has only exacerbated wealth inequality. Early adopters and wealthy investors have become inherent in the cryptocurrency space and are now the sole developers of new projects, investing millions of dollars in an attempt to buy the future.

The top 4% of Bitcoin wallets hold over 96% of all Bitcoin.

It is impossible to create even a semi-equitable society based upon the blockchain if such a large majority of all blockchain innovation is controlled by such a small number of individuals with such narrow intentions.

The Locke Project strives to create a free, equitable, democratic blockchain platform for all to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary technology with the utilization of proportionate distribution and consensus-based development.


Locke does not prioritize or discriminate based on wealth.


Locke is a self-sufficient, autonomous ecosystem.


Locke is based on community collaboration, participation, and consensus.

The Project

Locke is built on community

The Locke Project is a joint endeavor to enable the equitable and democratic creation of blockchain applications. Community members will use equitably distributed and traded tokens to vote in order to decide upon and fund projects proposed on the Locke Platform.

These projects are proposed by fellow members of the Locke community. This ensures that, rather than functioning in a system with a handful of developers, Locke functions with countless visionaries that work together with community consensus in order to create innovative and disruptive applications.

The possibilities are limitless

To propose a Locke project, all you need is an idea and the drive to pursue it. As a project creator, you can propose a project; receive feedback on your project proposal; reach out to qualified leaders, developers, and creatives; and receive both support and funding from the Locke community. Rather than working in isolation, Locke project developers will have the full support of the Locke community. Tens of thousands of minds will work together to ensure that Locke projects succeed in acheiving their full potential.

Locke projects will reflect answers to needs of the entire global community as issues are voiced that appeal not only to a small number of investors or developers, but a group representative of the entire blockchain usership.

Anyone can be a Locke creator

As a contributor, you will have the opportunity to be a part of innovative projects by voting, funding, and even directly contributing to the development of Locke projects. Ideas are developed by and for both the Locke community and the greater global community, providing innovative and complete solutions to real issues.

The Locke platform is an environment in which project innovation is led by a system of mutual benefit to all rather than the system of exclusion and speculation that has become ordinary in major project development. This will result in the development of countless creations that benefit the entire Locke Community and help to advance the blockchain sphere as a whole.

The Future











October 2017

- The Locke Group is founded.

- Distribution token testing begins on Ethereum test networks.

- Website and whitepaper enter development.

Claim Tokens

 LOCKE claimed

Locke tokens cannot be bought, like in a traditional ICO. In order to ensure fairness and equity within the Locke ecosystem, everyone is entitled to 250,000 tokens - no more, no less. Click below to claim your tokens and become a founding member of the future of equity that Locke is striving to create.